Warm White LED Tape


SceneX RGB Color Mix LED Tape

SceneX Lighting distribute a wide range of LED tape solutions. From single color to full RGB color mixing, from indoor to outdoor IP rated solutions and in both flexible and fixed variants. We’ve got them all.

Directly applied silicone coatings give every Warm White LED tape in the range an IP65 protection rating for outdoor use, and for cosmetic integration each tape can be supplied with a white or black PCB back.

Designs can incorporate different size pixel pitches to give you detail when and where you need it. To ease system integration, all tapes come in lengths already cut for a half or full DMX universe. Every tape can be trimmed to fit after every single pixel.

SceneX also offer a range of different power supply and DMX drive options, including Artnet integration for larger systems.

We are happy to consult and advise on any system design. Free of charge and without obligation, in order to help support and make your vision become a reality.



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Part Number
Color Warm White Warm White Warm White
Wavelength n/a n/a


Color Temp 2800K-3200K 2800K-3200K 2800K-3200K
Lumens pr. mtr. / pr strip 720 / 2160 360 / 1080 360 / 1800
LED’s pr mtr / pr strip 60 / 180 30 / 90 30 / 150
LED Type SMD 5050 SMD 5050 SMD 5050
Field Angle 120° 120° 120°
Housing material Flexible strip with silicone covering Flexible strip with silicone covering Flexible strip with silicone covering
Color White White White

Protection Rating

IP 65 IP 65 IP 65

Adhesive backing

Adhesive backing

Adhesive backing

Wiring connection 2 cable tail (V-, V+) 2 cable tail (V-, V+) 2 cable tail (V-, V+)
Power Voltage 12V 12V 12V
Current pr mtr. / pr strip 14.4W / 43.2W

7.2W / 21.6W

7.2W / 36W
Energy Saving Class Class A Class A Class A
Operating Temp.

   5°F   –  104°F
(-15°C   –  40°C)

23°F  –  104°F
  (-5°C  –  40°C)

23°F   –  104°F
  (-5°C   –  40°C)

Cutting Possibility Every 1.9″  (5 cm) Every 3.9″  (10 cm) Every 3.9″  (10 cm)
Dimensions – Inches

L x W x H
118.1″ x 0.4″ x 0.1″

L x W x H
118.1″ x 0.5″ x 0.1″

L x W x H
196.8″ x 0.47″ x 0.1″

Dimensions – Centimetres

L x W x H
300 cm x 1.0 cm x 0.3 cm

L x W x H
300 cm x 1.2 cm x 0.3 cm

L x W x H
500 cm x 1.2 cm x 0.3 cm

Data Sheet

PDFIcon SceneX LED Tape PDF Data Sheet