X4 atom Accesories


Versatile X4 atom Accessories

There are a variety of accessories that can be ordered with the X4 atom fixture. Additionally, these accessories make the already versatile X4 atom into an exceptional tool for stage design and giving unique re-usability options.

The X4 atom Free Connect is the portable battery pack with CRMX wireless DMX control. This allows you to place the X4 atom anywhere. You can take advantage of the IP65 rating, without restrictions, for the 8 hours of battery life if the fixture is running at full power.

There are a variety of bracket styles that give incredible versatility to the X4 atom can be arranged. Additionally the atom has an incredibly easy to use interlock system. Allowing the atoms to be connected together in a huge variety of configurations. The standard hanging yoke is easily removed and you can quickly assemble pairs, quads, lines and grids of fixtures in any configuration that you need. While still keep individual control of each atom, creating stunning displays. 

There are also dome frost filters we call “bubblegums”. These are a great addition to the X4 atom. The softening of the light beam creates an entirely new style for the X4 atom. Lending itself to uses where softer light is highly valued such as television or theatre productions. 



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PDFIcon PDF Atom Accessory Specification