Rain Covers 400 & 600


Rain Covers

The GLP Rain Covers offer virtually complete protection from the elements. Without interfering with the light beam or a fixtures movement. Designed to fit perfectly over our impression series fixtures. The Rain Cover will work with all but the largest of fixtures or pieces of equipment ensuring those without outdoor certification will be safe come rain, hail, or snow.

The rain cover bases come in two sizes, 400 & 600, and can be used on both large and small fixtures, along with other pieces of equipment, such as projectors. The Rain Covers are light weight, and can be easily mounted on truss, with a variety of hanging options. Additionally this gives a much lighter and simpler alternative to more traditional dome style covers. With a simple hook and loop attachment, a Rain Cover can be quickly put up and taken down. This significantly reduces set up time compared to dome covers. Especially in unpredictable conditions. 

The actual plastic Rain Covers themselves are available in four different length sizes: S, M, L, and XL. This means that the same base can be used with a variety of different sized fixtures, by using larger or smaller plastic covers.

For the Rain Cover 400 an additional conical style of the plastic rain cover is available in two sizes. Allowing for larger fixtures to be hung on the smaller bases.


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Product Features

  • Robust Construction
  • Easy and durable cable entry
  • Hanging options
    • One Hook
    • Two Hooks
    • Omega brackets
  • Variety of plastic skirts available
  • Simple and fast deployment



Rain Cover Base 


  • Rain Cover 400 (Diameter x Height)
    • 17.7” x  5.6”  (450 mm x 142 mm)
    • Part Number 7172041
  • Rain Cover 600 (Diameter x Height)
    • 23.6” x 5.6”  (600 mm x 142 mm)
    • Part Number 7172061


Rain Cover 400

  • 8.8 lbs. (4kg)

Rain Cover 600

  • 20.5 lbs. (9.3kg)


  • Aluminum

Plastic skirts for Rain Cover sizes:

  • For Rain Cover 400
    • S: 11.8 inches  (300 mm), straight cover – Part Number 7172042
    • M: 17.7 inches (450 mm), straight cover – Part Number 7172043
    • L: 23.6 inches (600 mm), straight cover – Part Number 7172044
    • XL: 29.5 inches (750 mm), straight cover – Part Number 7172045
    • S: 16.5 inches  (420 mm), conical cover – Part Number 7172051
    • L: 22.8 inches (580 mm), conical cover – Part Number 7172052


  • For Rain Cover 600
    • S: 11.8 inches  (300 mm), straight cover – Part Number 7172062
    • M: 17.7 inches (450 mm), straight cover – Part Number 7172063
    • L: 23.6 inches (600 mm), straight cover – Part Number 7172064
    • XL: 29.5 inches (750 mm), straight cover – Part Number 7172065



PDFIcon  PDF Rain Covers Specification Card