Cosmic Truss Launches Complete Range of Wind-Up Stands

Cosmic Truss has launched a new full range of windup stands, adding to its full range of truss and support structures.

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GLP’s Scenex LED Tape Helps Convert Living Room into Rock Arena for Sony Commercial

GLP’s Scenex Lighting flexible LED tape has been used extensively on a Sony TV commercial to ‘explode’ a domestic living room into a simulated high energy full concert arena.

Distributed in the States by GLP US, the Scenex Lighting solution was adopted by production designer Tim LaValley of Battlecruiser Inc., who as concert lighting consultant was tasked with developing a ‘concert lighting’ feel for the commercial — to promote Sony’s new Bluetooth Wireless Speaker.

Having used GLP’s Scenex LED successfully on tour he requisitioned a large amount of the LED tape to be embedded into the walls, the floor and other items on the set. Hooked up via DMX to create a large ‘grid’ it was brought to life progressively, a section at a time, as the transformation developed.

Explaining Battlecruiser’s involvement in the project, Tim LaValley said, “The producer of the commercial, James Graves, has been a good friend for many years and we have worked together on several projects; he thought that this would be a great fit.”

“As to the concept, Asif Mian, the director, had a very clear idea of what he wanted, and he communicated that very clearly to the art department and myself.”

The art department, consisting of production designer Greg Lang and art director Morgan Runyon, built the set at Delfino Stages in Sylmar, California. “The objective was to create a realistic home interior whose walls we could fly out for camera movement,” states LaValley.

“As soon as James and Asif contacted me, I immediately knew what products I wanted to use. Since I work principally in live music events, such as tours and concerts, I naturally turned to the vendors I like to use on those projects, including Mark Ravenhill. I’d worked with Mark on the Steve Aoki tour that I designed, and I knew I wanted the LED tape that we used on that project — so he was my first call.”

Tim also contacted John Lee at DPS Lighting who supplied 14 of the GLP impression X4S LED automated heads — also distributed by Ravenhill’s company — as well as some Color Blasts.

The Scenex-edged ‘grid’ was hooked up to DMX and Tim LaValley praised programmer Carl Wake for his masterful job in building each row and column as its own section. “This enabled Tom Huston, our LD from DPS, to light up the room in every way imaginable.”

The underlying story-line is that a man comes home and sends music from his phone to his Sony Bluetooth Speakers. The music promptly transforms his ordinary house into a concert venue, complete with a Tron-like grid, disco wall, overhead lighting and underfloor panels.

Complementing the Scenex LED grid were the new impression X4S fixtures, which were distributed around the room — some at ground level, some head height, and some in the truss — to augment the concert lighting feel. A final X4S was placed in the fireplace to provide a backlight for that feature.

The commercial started airing on December 2nd, and Tim LaValley says that the simulation is proving a resounding success. “Everyone, from client, to agency, to production company, director and crew, are extremely happy — and I’m also very pleased with the results.”

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impression X4 Makes Waves with The Naked and Famous

Lighting designer, Liam Griffiths, recently selected GLP’s impression LED spots for use on tour with New Zealand alternative rock band, The Naked and Famous.

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GLP and Cosmic Truss Head to LDI 2013 with New Products and World Premieres

GLP comes to LDI 2013 with a host of brand new products and preview showings this year.

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RZI Lighting Steps Up the Pace With GLP Impressions

New Orleans-based rental and sales company, RZI Lighting, has been intensifying its relationship with GLP Inc during the past year — partly based on the quality and popularity of new age LED heads like the impression X4 and budget-conscious Volkslicht Spot — but also as a result of the support he knows he can rely […]

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Scenex Lighting from GLP US Introduces Flexible LED Tape with Individual Pixel Control

LED Tape

Scenex Lighting from GLP US is delighted to introduce its new Pixel LED Tape – a new range to its flexible LED tape solutions that now offers individual pixel control via DMX. Used in a wide range of live, scenic and architectural applications, the Scenex range of LED solutions now offers greater control and creative possibilities.

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GLP’s New Volkslicht Spot Brings Spot One’s Award Winning Technology to a Wider Market

GLP announce the launch of their latest LED based Spot fixture, the Volkslicht Spot. Based on the ground-breaking and award-winning impression Spot One, the Volkslicht Spot is a smaller, lighter and less expensive version aimed at a wider fixed installation and rental customer base.

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