This F45 Truss is based on the F44P truss design, and is specifically designed for centrally mounting video wall panels. The F45 features a balanced center rigging point, which are essential for the screen panels to align correctly.

The central rigging point comes in the form of an additional central pipe, with ladder style horizontal bracing, which has been added to the bottom face of the truss. This allows LED panels to be clamped directly to the center pipe itself. negating the need to sling or brace across the two bottom pipes, necessary with a typical square truss design. This provides a much more reliable and less time consuming method of rigging video wall panels.

Furthermore, the ladder style horizontal braces creates more clear hanging space along the chord. Because it is based on the F44P Truss design, F45 Truss can connect to all standard F44P junctions or sleeve blocks so you use your existing F44P Truss to build the rest of the structure!

Future development of truss accessories will mean that use of F45 Truss will not be limited to LED screen hanging applications.


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Why Cosmic Truss

For more than a decade Cosmic Truss has produced high quality and reliable aluminum products. All of which are all certified by various independent testing institutes.

The deep product range from Cosmic Truss has been systematically expanded over the years. And now includes a lot more besides regular truss; crowd barriers, clamps, hooks, accessories, complex staging as well as heavy duty truss systems are now all a part of the inventory.

When it comes to innovation, our R&D department sets new standards and is able to pick up and realize ideas from our customers promptly. Cosmic Truss products are being sold in more than 50 countries worldwide and our customers appreciate the excellent quality and availability.

Quality, reliability, innovation and availability are the key words which we implement globally into our ruling principles. Always and at all times. For this reason, Cosmic Truss products are tested by TÜV Nord and do not only fulfill the norm values but in fact outperform them.

Since 2001 we have expanded our truss systems piece by piece. We started with 3 systems and now we offer more than 10 different truss systems, this puts us in a leading position of truss manufacturers.




 118.1 inches / 300 cm 

40.8 lbs.  (39.17 kg)  


98.4 inches / 250 cm 

73.6 lbs.  (33.4 kg)



78.7 inches / 200 cm

62.6 lbs.  (28.4 kg)  


 59.1 inches / 150 cm

48.8 lbs.  (22.14kg)  


39.4 inches/ 100cm

35 lbs.  (15.86 kg)  


19.7 inches/ 50cm

21.2 lbs.(9.61kg)


157.5 inches / 400 cm

200 lbs.  (90.7 kg)


PDFIcon F45 PDF Data Sheet


PDFIcon PDF Cosmic Truss Catalog